The Public Transportation Services Directorate was established by the decision of the Municipal Assembly dated 18.11.2004 and numbered 911 to perform the duties assigned to the Municipality of the Article 7 (f) and (p) of the Law No. 5216 of the Metropolitan Municipality. The headquarters is composed of four offices under the direction of Musa YAZICI: Administrative affairs bureau where route permits are issued and the in-house affairs are carried out, planning office where the information to be moved to the UKOME is created, licensing procedures and citizen's requests and requests are evaluated, public relations and Law bureau, field surveys are carried out, route and line arrangements are realized within the context of urban planning discipline, The inspection office where the audit work was conducted. In our province, all the works required for the best service of Istanbul in public transportation by using modern technology; In the light of extensive research and scientific mechanisms. Our guru-faced, competent and technically equipped personnel are working at a high potential for the highest quality service in Istanbul and are making the necessary applications to quickly assess the demands and complaints that the directorate has reached.