The basic principle of the establishment of the Public Transportation Services Directorate is to improve alternative solutions to the traffic problem by improving the standard of public transportation in Istanbul.

In order to realize this principle, it is necessary to use the advantage of being a sea-city.

Therefore, from the time of establishment of our directorate, we have been sensitive to maritime transportation; Has started to work on marine engines, which are maritime public transport vehicles, in order to direct the passengers to sea transportation, quality service, high standard and sustainable transportation.

Passenger-carrying marine engines were identified and started to be recorded, transport vehicles and services were standardized and illegal undertakings were prevented and passengers' safety and commercial rights were shared, and those who obtained unfair rents were prevented.

In addition, efforts are being made to increase the share of public transport in the seas by identifying new port locations and routes in coordination with transport projects built throughout Istanbul.

The marine engines who wish to carry passengers must apply to the directorate once the owners have met the appropriate conditions and have completed the documents mentioned below.

Requests of citizens who are present in the application are processed and, if the documents are complete, the necessary evaluations are made and the appropriate tools are granted temporary working licenses for signature under the official procedure.

Vehicles that do not receive an annual temporary work permit are identified and sanctions are imposed on the inspections carried out by "coast guard, municipal police forces and maritime police".


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